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August 2023

People First Conference Prep

Whether it is your first time at Jackson’s Mill or People First Conference or your 30th, going on a trip is always better with some planning. You are encouraged to download the People First Planning Checklist for Trips and Activities and start planning now if you registered for the People First Conference. CLICK HERE to download the checklist.

The checklist begins 3 to 4 weeks in advance and goes clear up until the the night before. It includes reminders about medication, notifying your family or agency as well as what to pack.

This is the first in-person conference in several years and so you may have forgotten what you need to take! If you have specific questions on what to take with you based on the lodging you selected, please contact Alexis Ullmann at: 304-422-3151 or email


Keep Cool This Summer

It has been super hot in the past week and August is typically hot and humid as well. We have also had some very warm days at the People First Conference in September. Sweating is your body’s air conditioner, and it needs water to run properly.

  • Carry a water bottle with you and refill it throughout the day.
  • Freeze some freezer safe water bottles. Take one with you for ice-cold water all day long.
  • Choose water over sugary drinks.
  • Opt for water when eating out. You’ll save money and reduce calories.
  • Serve water during meals.
  • Add a wedge of lime or lemon to your water. This can help improve the taste.

What Does It Means When Your

Town Says Boil Your Water?

People have a lot of questions about what to do when your town says the water is NOT safe to drink.

Self-advocates made this easy-to-read handout to answer your questions.

To download this easy to read guide by self-advocates, Click Here

Legislative Matters Now! with M&M!

The show for July featured a repeat of the show on WVAble. Several new changes took effect in 2023 and Roxanne Clay from WVAble, which is operated by the WV State Treasurers Office provided information on all of the changes. Just Click Here to watch!

If you would like to be a guest on the show for either segment, contact Melissa and Morgan at: 304-422-3151 or email or

How Do You Advocate?

You’re invited to share your stories of advocating for yourself or others by creating a video, writing a story or call us on the phone. We want to know how you are using the self-advocacy skills that you learn from People First so we can share them with others!

Email your stories or share a link to your video to: or call 304-422-3151.

People First of WV Meetings and Events:

Meetings are held in person and on Zoom. Click Here for a list of meetings.

Check the People First Facebook page for last minute changes.

Opportunities to Give Back

You are invited to give back to your community through joining boards and committees or volunteering with a group. There is a list of different groups throughout West Virginia on the People First Web Page. For more information: Click Here

COVID-19 and Vaccine Resources

For resources on Covid-19 including related Local, State and Federal resources.


Each month, several organizations provide online webinars.

AAIDD: Click Here

Additude Mag: Click Here

AUCD: Click Here

PACER: Click Here

WVABLE: Click Here

WVU CED: Click Here

US Senators:
Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R):
Senator Joe Manchin, III (D):

US House of Representatives:

Carol Miller (R) – District 1: 

Click Here

Alex Mooney (R) – District 2:

Click Here

To find your State Representatives:

Click Here for members of the State Senate

Click Here for members of the House of Delegates

For more information, log on to

or use the contact information below:

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