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May 2023

Mid-Year Training

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Mid-Year Training and Advisory Board Meeting. The meeting will be held at the East View Community Center located at 1655 Philippi Pike, Clarksburg WV 26301. The meeting will be in person and on Zoom from 9:30 am 2:30 pm. Lunch will be provided for people attending in person only.

During this meeting a final vote will be held on the color of the T-Shirts. Since we know not everyone can come to the meeting and their group may not be holding local People First meetings, below is a survey to let people voice their opinion. Registration forms will be available no later than April 1st.

This is an election year and training has been requested by self-advocates on officer roles for state office. It has also been several years since the by-laws have been reviewed. Those will also be discussed to determine if any changes need made.

Register for Mid Year Training and fill out your lunch order at this link: Click Here

Movement May

Why is exercising important?

Getting in some exercise everyday not only helps your physical health but it helps your mental health as well.

Benefits for Physical Health and Mental Health

While exercising helps your body stay in shape and helps it continue to do the daily tasks. By exercising 5 hours per week you help your body keep up and help decrease some health risks as well. Exercising helps your heart stay healthy and lowers your risk for heart issues. Exercising doesn’t just help your physical body and health it also helps your mental health. By focusing on the exercises, it takes the focus off of what is stressing you out or giving you anxiety. It gives your brain a break and lets it focus on what you are doing in the moment.

Not all exercises have to be done in a gym, a simple one is going somewhere to walk. Here is some exercises you can do without the gym like going on a hike, running, yardwork, going on a bike ride, jumping rope, dancing, going swimming, and gardening.

Click Here for more information on exercising.

Legislative Matters Now! with M&M!

Partners in Policymaking will be the feature of the March Legislative Matters NOW! with M&M. Brandy Beery, President of the WV Developmental Disabilities Council will speak on attending the training and it’s benefits. Registration is open now at the Council’s website. Click Here for more information. Brandy will then speak in the Advocate in Action segment about how she advocates for her family and others. New shows premier on the last Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am on the People First Facebook page or you can see an archive of past shows on the People First YouTube page that you will find HERE. If you would like to be a guest on the show or have a topic that should be discussed, contact Melissa or Morgan.

People First of WV Meetings and Events:

Meetings are held in person and on Zoom. Click Here for a list of meetings.

Check the People First Facebook page for last minute changes.

Opportunities to Give Back

You are invited to give back to your community through joining boards and committees or volunteering with a group. There is a list of different groups throughout West Virginia on the People First Web Page. For more information: Click Here

COVID-19 and Vaccine Resources

For resources on Covid-19 including related Local, State and Federal resources.


Each month, several organizations provide online webinars.

AAIDD: Click Here

Additude Mag: Click Here

AUCD: Click Here

PACER: Click Here

WVABLE: Click Here

WVU CED: Click Here

US Senators:
Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R):
Senator Joe Manchin, III (D):

US House of Representatives:

Carol Miller (R) – District 1: 

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Alex Mooney (R) – District 2:

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To find your State Representatives:

Click Here for members of the State Senate

Click Here for members of the House of Delegates

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