Rules, Right and Responsibilities

Rules Rights and Responsibilities

You have a right to make choices as long as you honor the rules and accept your responsibilities.

Rights, Rules and Responsibility go hand in and build a circle of growth for each and every person.

Knowledge is Power!

It has often been said that “knowledge is power”. This equation has even greater meaning for individuals with disabilities who are striving towards self-determination and empowerment.

Passage of the American with Disabilities Act, as well as recent amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the rehabilitation Act of 1973, all symbolize our country’s commitment to empowerment and equality.

To ensure the individuals with disabilities are afforded due process and protection under the law, it is critical that we understand the major provisions of these acts.

People First empowers people with disabilities by providing them with information on basic human rights, as well as other rights under the law. It contains information and materials on various disabilities rights legislation (e.g. A.D.A., IDEA, and Rehab. Act of 1973) and includes specific information on rights in the mental health system and guardianship for person with cognitive impairments. This section contains information on voting and telephone rights, and addresses the fact that hand in hand with rights go responsibilities.


Rights & Responsibilities Practice Guide

Students often look forward to their high school years as a time when they have more rights and privileges. However, sometimes they forget that those rights are earned and have responsibilities tied to each one of them. This guide is a tool to help students better understand the relationship between rights and responsibilities and provide opportunities to practice self-advocacy within the context of each right.

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